Alec J Radecki is a composer currently based Kansas City. Alec's music is pervaded by a sentimental, postmodern cynicism that belies his contradictory romantic and expressionist influences. He writes for a wide variety of ensembles, ranging from full orchestra to solo piano, including art songs and electro-acoustic music. Alec is currently working on a Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory, where he studies with Yotam Haber. A native of South Bend, IN, Alec received his Bachelor and Master of Music in Composition at Indiana University South Bend, where he studied under Jorge Muñiz and John Mayrose. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Alec’s works have been performed by the Euclid Quartet and the Indiana University South Bend Philharmonic, of which he was a long-time member. He also performed with the university's Audio-Visual Collective. As a self-identified “Social Justice Warrior,” he believes art should be used to call attention to injustices wherever and whenever possible; he is a vocal advocate for diversity and against elitism in the performing arts.